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This Tv shows tells the story of two half brothers who both have the same father, they have the same age and , they went to the same college and were on left the same basketball team. It is war between the brothers on the ground and even outside . The father ,Dan Scott, is arrogant, authoritarian and left his first woman, Karen Roe , when she was pregnant whit Lucas Scott. Lucas has lived with the mother since her childhood. He did not have an easy life because the mother was the alone to be in charge of him. His father did not want to be in charge of him. Dan made other women after to having left Karen . Her name is Debora Scott . She became pregnant whit Dan soon after. Their child is named Nathan Scoot. Lucas confronted the contempt of this half brother and this father, but the hate between the two brothers is going to be transformed in the course of time . This series is full of adventure that they can link to the life of today's young persons. About me , it is because it is such an interesting show. Each of us can compare ourselves to one of the personalities of One Tree Hill, this is why that tv show is so captivating.

Crash Course In Polite Conversations (Season 1 : episode 12)

In this episode, Peyton received a call from the coast guard, saying to him that they found the boat of her father and that they had to fish out a man from the sea. He them had leave with Lucas, who is the of Brooke’s boyfriend, to identify the body with the mortuary in North Carolina. During this time, the parents of Dan Scott arrived unannounced at his place at the improvist to celebrate his birthday. At supper time of the, the atmosphere was very tense, because there were many problems between Dan, his son Nathan and his wife Debora . Nathan called whole the family that it gave up the basketball under the pressure of his father who was too strong. Also later, the Dan’s mother acknowledged that her son stopped the basketball voluntarily because his father put too much pressure on him so that it was best.The following day, after reflecting, Nathan announced to Haley that it takes again the basketball not to make the same error as his father. After returning from the mortuary, Peyton saw that it was not the body of her father. She was relieved. On the way home, Peyton was carried by feeling and kissed Lucas. This is how finishes episode 12 of the first season.

Whit Arms Outstretched

Went I spent in the corridor, Nathan trained me in a class for kiss me. It was my suprise morning. The next day , I go to see Nathan ,after baskett ball training, He was very strange and shaking. I reminded them his tutor cour of this evening. Nathan came to my home . He did not stand at place. He began kissing me and to detach my shirt. I did not like this and I asked him to leave at the field. The next day, I had dinner with Lucas . He confessed to have kissrd Brooke and of having drunk beer last night . Then me , I confessed to have kiss his half brother ,Nathan. Lucas is not very happy. After supper , I assisted at Nathan’s match of baskett ball. In the match, he lost consciousness and he left in ambulance. Later evening, Nathan came to see me to tell me who had to need me and that like me awful lot.

Tv Journal Assigment #5

This exercise was very profitable for me because it helped me to learn new words and new expressions. Also, this work permtited the discovery of a Tv show that I love. But , I need to continue to watch this program in English to improve my English speaking and my general English . One Tree Hill is a Tv show that I recommend to all young people who want to learn English because this program is not difficult to understand and it is very nice and enthralling. I liked my experience of blog and I believe that we will should repeated this experience with the students next session. I am very happy and proud of my blog. Also, to read the blog of other students was very interesting and enriching for me .
Thank you, for creating this activity.